Dining Furniture For Halloween

Valencia Black 200cm Wood and Glass Dining Table with 8 Alisa Dining Chair [Black]

The Valencia dining table is a stunning combination of glass and wood with its feature piece ‘X’ design base and 12mm thick glass top. The clear glass top creates a sense of space in addition to revealing the full beauty of the chunky ‘X’ shaped frame, whilst the natural wood effect adds a touch of warmth and cosiness to the overall look.


Roma Black Glass Dining Table with 4 Rita Designer Dining Chairs [Ivory]

At a fixed length of 150cm, the Roma dining table is a compact and attractive dining solution suitable for any modern interior. Made of 12mm thick tempered glass the table features a 2 pillar stainless steel frame set on top of a 15mm thick glass base.

The Roma features a stylish black centre table top with sparkle effect black glass base. The glass on both the table top and base is finished with a bevelled edge and subtly rounded corners for safety. The table will seat up to 6 people.


Vienna Black Glass 160cm Dining Table with 6 Zed Designer Dining Chairs [Black]

If you’re entertaining guests and you want a dining table to be proud of, the Vienna Dining Table ticks every box. A slick, jaw-dropping black tempered glass surface will add a polish and a durable nature to your dining routine.


Torino Designer 74cm-120cm Extending Dining Table with 6 Elsa Designer Dining Chairs [Ivory]

The contemporary Torino extending glass dining table is made of 12mm thick clear tempered glass with aluminium legs accented with chrome.

When fully extended the Torino table forms a full circle with a diameter of 120cm, large enough to seat 6 people comfortably. Each extension panel can be used individually and neatly stores underneath the table when not in use.

Placed in the kitchen or dining room a round table is perfect for socializing and entertaining family and friends.





Why The Vidal Glass Coffee Table

You’ve just furnished your living room with a new, modern look. You’ve added your brand new sofa, TV unit, sideboards and all your other furniture but now, you need a sleek new coffee table. This is where the Vidal coffee table comes in. With 10mm black tempered glass and a polished steel structure, it is the perfect element to compliment any modern decor.

How will you use your coffee table? With the Vidal Coffee Table, it doesn’t really matter. This is a stylish coffee table that multitasks. Put simply, it’s the perfect host for a casual dinner, tired feet or a glamorous dinner party platter.


3D design

We have a 3D warehouse dedicated to the products we stock. Scaled to size, you can virtually tour our products to view their details and get an idea of scale.

If you’re in no hurry to purchase straight away, you always have the option of requesting a mock version of your home in a virtual design. How this works is by you sending us images and dimensions of your requested room, from which you will get back a virtual design, showing you how the product will look in your home before you even purchase.

For more information, please contact: jaike@alm-distribution.co.uk





Valencia Glass Dining Sets

Valencia Glass Dining set with Black Elsa Dining Chairs

Valencia Glass Dining Sets

This is the biggest range that we have here at Modern Furniture Direct, and there’s a reason for that. Which is because they are that stunningly beautiful. Not only that but they have such a diversity in their range, there’s not really a bad option to choose from. From Black to Oak Legs you’ll be able to find the one for you.

What’s also beautiful about theses Dining Sets is that they work with any Dining Chair. Whether it be a bright Red Zed Chair or a distinguished classic scroll top Washington Chair, they all work.

So which one will work for you? Lets take a look and see.

Black or Oak Legs?

A nice choice you have with the Valencia Glass Dining Table is that you can choose whether or not to have black legs.

Valencia Glass Dining set with Black Elsa Dining Chairs
Valencia Glass Dining Set with Black Elsa Chairs


The Black legs a really sleek look to them and a standout appearance which could set a room off. Also not many people have a Dining Set with Black Legs, making it a lot more unique and original. Also when you go for this Valencia Dining Table when you go for a red or white dining chair they really stand out, and give of a bright and vibrant vibe which is difficult to match.

Oak Valencia Dining Table
Oak Valencia Dining Table with lack Zed Chairs

However with the Oak Valencia Dining Table it has much more of a classic clean look, that only really go with the black, brown or ivory dining chair. As you can see from above they really play off well together when they have the support of a solid black leather dining chair.

Which Dining Chair?

As we touched on above there are several dining chairs to choose from. Of course there’s going to be personal preference in play here, but this is how they work better.

Elsa Dining Chairs
Elsa Dining Chairs


The Modern looking Dining chairs tend to go better with the black legs as they just seem to fit more naturally with the style that is at play here. There’s still several of Dining chairs to choose from, but at least it’s been narrowed down. If you’re more eccentric you may want to go for something which is a bit more out there like the Red Dining Chairs. However if you’re a nit more reserved and traditonal you may go for a Black or Brown, which both work well.

Montana Dining Chairs
Montana Dining Chairs

The Valencia Oak Dining Table is better suited to the more classic Dining Chairs like the Montana or Washington style. Also with the Oak look it blends so much better with ivory and Brown chairs, once again this is personal preference!


There’s so many Valencia Dining Sets to choose from, and you can never really get it wrong whichever one you decide to go with. All of the Valencia Glass Dining Sets are over the £600 mark, however you can guarantee that the quality will be there and it will be a stand our part of your living room for years to come.

Modern Glass Nest of Tables

Milan Glass Nest of Tables

Here at Modern Furniture Direct we pride ourselves on having quality Modern Furniture at low prices, and nothing shows this more than the Glass Nest of Tables.

Glass Nest of Tables

The nest of tables are a small piece of furniture, which can bring such a lot to a living room, as it’s just a simple touch. The nest of tables are perfect for placing down hot drinks, newspapers or simply just have them there to look pretty. There’s so many different types of Nest of Tables with so many different designs however the Modern Ones are always the best.

Modern Furniture Direct 

At Modern Furniture Direct we have a select few of Nest of Tables, as we want ensure that we’re only selling you the best. Over the busy period we have sold quite a few, however we still have two stunning Glass Nest of Tables Designs.

Milan Glass Nest of Tables
Milan Glass Nest of Tables (Smoked Glass)

This particular Glass Nest Of Tables is perfect for those sleek homes, with a very modern Design. The Milan Glass Nest of Tables (Smoked Glass) is only £134 which is £45 off the normal price, making it a must have! The tables nest in perfectly together, making them ideal to have in any home, regardless the size of the room.

Milan Glass Nest of Tables (Clear Glass)
Milan Glass Nest of Tables (Clear Glass)

The Milan Glass Nest of Tables also has another member of the family, which is the same as the one above, however it’s a Clear Glass. With it being clear glass it makes it much more suitable for a cleaner looking house, which wouldn’t look out of it’s depth in a New York Penthouse. The nest of tables are only £119, making it a big £40 of the normal retail price!



Glass nest of tables can bring so much to a Living Room and a well worth investing in if you have the money. At the moment our selection is relatively small, but you know that you’re getting the quality stuff.

If we haven’t got what you’re currently looking for, make sure you check back in the future, as we’re looking to add to the collection soon!


Glass and Oak Dining Sets – Gallery

No matter how big or small your family, we have a variety of glass dining sets to accommodate them all. If you want to impress your guests, then one of our oak dining sets will not fail to deliver a more leaner, elegant touch to your home. Bringing bags of character, along with numerous chair colours and immense practicality in size and price. This aesthetically pleasing product – that is one of the strongest types of wood out there – is a great long-term furniture decision that requires very low maintenance.





Mix & Match Dining Furniture

Why Choose a Glass Dining Table?

With our glass dining tables, you are ensured a quality, strong, contemporary look and feel. For example, our Channel dining tables are uniquely built, creating a luxury look and opening up dark, cramped areas – giving the perception of an uncluttered dining space.

Our dining tables are made with the best possible glass choice, Tempered glass. Tempered glass is four times strong than ordinary glass, making it reliably hard-wearing.

Did you know? Tempered glass is treated heat or chemicals that allows it to be made “four times stronger” than ordinary glass. Furthermore, it is much safer if accidentally broken as tempered glass breaks into small pieces, rather than large, jagged segments.

channel dining table.jpg

The Channel table above is supported with a stainless steel frame and base. With this combined with the tempered glass top, it makes for a solid, long-lasting furniture solution.

The Decision Is Yours?

You have a selection of 13 dining tables and over 30 dining chairs to choose from. With 6 colour choices & more than 6 chair styles, and aren’t a fan of a Channel dining tables, you still have a mixture of different styles of dining sets to compensate.



Note: Our chairs come in stainless steel and solid oak.